How to set up a steering group ? 

  • The initiative is taken by a non-profit association from one of the member states of the Council of Europe.
  • The initiator (leader) involves at least two other associations (partners) from two different countries, member states of the Council of Europe, to co-develop the concepts.
  • The initiator formulates a theme and a mission statement, which is discussed within the steering group, if need be amended and next accepted by the board of E-FAITH.
  • The group also defines the language(s), which can be used for the internal communication between the partners of the group and participants to the project, and the language(s), which can be used to send information and details to the group.
  • Together the leader and the partners define the objectives, the output and deliveries they want to produce

Don't forget that - under certain conditions - there can be European funding available for projects including partners in at least three countries. The steering groups are advised to study these possibilities...

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