Ever since the establishment of the industrial heritage movement, volunteers and independent voluntary organisations and associations have been the seeds and the fertile grounds from which new and innovative ideas and initiatives have sprung up around the values, the conservation and the use of our industrial and technical heritage. Without their voluntary efforts, the landscape of industrial and technical heritage would be less rich, less varied and less informed, and many industrial sites, artefacts and archives would have been lost.
Volunteers and voluntary associations have always been - and still are - at the heart of valuable projects of industrial and technical heritage conservation, from the rescue and management of protected sites and buildings, museums and collections, to ensuring the survival of traditional techniques, practical skills and know-how.


E-FAITH is an open European community of voluntary organisations and volunteers, dedicated to cooperation in the field of industrial and technical heritage.


  • Promoting volunteer involvement and the establishment of independent volunteer NGOs throughout Europe, devoted to researching, safeguarding, interpreting and opening to the public our industrial and technical heritage.
  • Connecting volunteers and their organisations to facilitate cooperation and the sharing of experiences and knowledge in the field of industrial and technical heritage


The exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge without borders is the key to successful cooperation


  • E-FAITH promotes cooperation between (organisations of) volunteers, and between those professionals and professional institutes dealing with the industrial and technical heritage
  • E-FAITH helps to spread ideas, experiences and knowledge about research, conservation and the interpretation of industrial and technical heritage and about the opening to the public of industrial and technical heritage sites
  • E-FAITH promotes the cross-border cooperation between volunteers and their organisations.

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