In every European country the research in and study, recording, conservation, development and management, and interpretation of Industrial and Technical Heritage largely depends on the initiatives and works of volunteers and volunteer NGOs. Without their efforts numerous important sites, objects and documents that withness of the birth and growth of our industrial and technical society would have been lost forever

But their idealistic and unpaid efforts are often undervalued by authorities and official institutes

More and more one feels the need to look at what's happening at the other side of the border, what other associations and individuals are doing in other European countries

• because one wants to compare his own practice and experience with those of colleagues in other countries, in other cultures and under other circumstances;
• because one would like to use the expertises of others, or because would like to offer his expertises to colleagues who could make good use of these;
• because Europe is becoming more and more defining for the way we organise and finance our activities;
• because in cross border co-operation 1 + 1 always equals at least 3;
• because one is looking for proper partners to develop European projects - with or without regard to European subsidies;
• or just because one likes meeting or make acquaintance with colleagues or like-minded, because one would like to make new friends;
• and so many other good causes.

To make contacts and to meet each other one doesn't need to go to big, expensive and formal meetings. One just needs a good place, a good moment and the will to meet.

the E-FAITH weekend in London, 2012

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