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Here we will produce a list of twinned industrial and technical heritage associations :

VVIA visit to Catalonia

The Vlaamse Vereniging voor Industriële Archeologie (Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology, VVIA) twinned with the Associació del Museu de la Ciéncia i de la Técnica i d'Arqueologia Industrial de Catalunya (Association of the Museum of Science and Technology and of Industrial Archaeology in Catalonia, AMCTAIC)

Both associations signed a twinning agreement in 1989 and have been cooperating since on numerous projects, they organise exchanges and visits for members, etc. 
In 2016 an exhibition on tha catalan industrial heritage will visit Flanders and a Flemish exhibition will visit Catalonia.

Twinning between chimney associations On April 24th 2015 the French association Le Non Lieu (Roubaix) and the Spanish Asociación en Defensa de las Chimeneas y el Patrionio Industrial de Málaga signed a twinning charter.
Both associations are campaigning to save factory chimneys




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