A number of topics for steering groups already have been launched: see the list under the taps - and join them ! >>>
If you would like to join or send information to one of the steering groups, please contact the co-ordinating association

Ideas and proposals
The following proposals for thematic steering groups have reached us, but haven't yet been activated.
Anybody interested in co-ordinating or joining one of the the following topics or proposals ?
Please contact our secretariat

  • industrial tourism
  • adaptive re-use of industrial buildings
  • worker's villages and company towns
  • training of volunteers in industrial and technical heritage
  • young people and industrial and technical heritage
  • the production of mill stones, mill stone quarries
  • setting up a network of historic breweries and brewery museums
  • conservation and re-use of railway stations
  • saving and adaptive re-use of thermal power stations
  • canals and their heritage
  • restoration principles and conservation-restoration practice of industrial and technical heritage
  • industrialisation and mechanisation of agriculture
  • ...

Why not set up regional steering groups, for example to develop co-operation between the industrial heritage organizations in the Mediterranean or the Northsea-area ? Or on topics which aren't yet popular (as the industrial heritage of the chemical or non ferrous metals industries) ?

Any other ideas ???

       If you want to co-ordinate or launch a steering group, please contact our secretariat ASAP !