Antwerpen has a lot of hotels, of all categories, styles and prices.
We do not book hotel accomodation for the participants - leaving them their choice for price, quality and location of the hotels they prefer

tram and bus to the Zuiderpershuis However, we recommend that you should look for a hotel in the 'Zuid' area or in the city centre.

A good connection linking the city centre to the 'Zuid'
is taking tram 4 at 'Groenplaats' to 'Museum'  and then have a short walk,
or use bus 30 or 34 which follows the quays (you can take the bus at several places, e.g. at the Steenplein/Suikerrui - next to the Market Square - then going south till 'Scheldestraat' at the north side of the former southern docks).

Or you can have a nice walk following the Scheldt (take some 30-45 minutes) and using the promenade terrace

Walking along the Scheldt quays






Looking for a hotel ?

The Antwerp Tourist office can of course help you, and provide you with lists of hotels, B&Bs and cheap hostels

Alternatively, find hotels and cheap internet-bookings through, TripadvisorTrivago, , and others.
A good source is also Guide Michelin

To find cheap hostels, you can use 
Antwerp also has an official Youth Hostel

  • We do advise to compare the prices, as when building this webpage we remarked important differences between the above mentioned websites.


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