The meeting programme is kept as open as possible to allow participants to tell and show what they would like to tell or to show. We also expect to hear of experiences of E.U. funded projects - or of projects that were not elected for E.U. funding.
There will be site visits and contacts with local groups and individuals.

The participants can present their realisations, their activities, their projects and their aims as follows:

  • There will be tables and pannels available to dissiminate leaflets and free brochures, or to announce messages and calls;
  • Organisations or individuals who would like to sell publications or objects (as souvenirs, CDs or DVDs) are requested to book a table beforehand. They have to look after their booth themselves. They are the sole and only responsible for the publications and objects they offer on sale. The organisers cannot be held responsible in case of damage to or theft of the exhibited goods.
  • Poster Exhibits and/or small own exhibitions have to be brought along ready to hand and should stand up or hang without special equipment. The exhibitors have to mount their exhibits themselves.
    The organisers can put a limited number of pannels at the disposition of exhibitors.
    Those wishing to mount a booth, an exhibit or wishing to hang posters are requested to register in due time the space they need. Space and pannels are allocated on a first come base.
  • Those wishing to present their activities, results or campaigns through a lecture have to register at least a forthnight before the starty of the meeting and have to take into account that
    • There is no exclusivity nor preference on what language they should use - but one is advised to use one of the major European laguage. The experience shows that during this kind of meetings English seems to be the best intermediate language - but we hope that there will be always volunteers in the surroundings to help with translations or to summarize;
    • Each speaker gets 15 minutes in which to speak.
    • When registering speakers are requested to deliver the title and a short presentation of their speech (max. 10 lines) in the language of the reading, and also their coordinates (address, e-mail where they can be reached). This information will be added to this website
    • Speakers are requested to deliver to the secretariat, as soon as possible and not later than two weeks before the meeting, a summary of their speech (max. 1500 words) in the language of the reading, AND max. 200 words in another language, (preferably digitally). This document will be duplicated and included in the folder of the meeting. The texts will later be made available on the website of E-FAITH.

Interested speakers can register by filling out the registration form (see this year's meetings).
The order of registration determines the speaking order.


Of course one can take part in the meeting as a visitor, just to listen to the lectures and to make contacts with the lecturers and other participants.

But the success and the results of this meeting will largely depend upon the active participation of all participants

The E-FAITH weekend in Tilburg, 2011

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