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Traditionally, EFAITH organised an annual weekend in one of the European countries to bring together volunteers and volunteer associations.
These were/are short weekend meetings, where volunteers and voluntary associations from different countries will get together, meet and forge relationships across borders, exchange experiences and learn from each other.
The meetings are no traditional ‘conferences’ or congresses.
They are open meetings where organisations and individuals can present and compare their ideas, projects and results - and find out where cooperation or common projects can grow, how they can support the aims of colleagues and how colleagues can support their objectives.
This will be possible by
• short lectures and oral presentations, showing videos,...
• leaflets, information stands, posters and small exhibits.
• sitting together at discussion and contact points that will be available
Each participant is allowed to use the presentation techniques that to him/her seems to be the most appropriate.










However, due to COVID, the rising costs of travel, among other things, and the painful financial situation in which many organisations now find themselves, it was decided to temporarily suspend these weekend meetings.
Associations and volunteers are often not in the same position as academics or managers of large museums or research institutions. They must be able to use every euro in the most efficient way, first and foremost for their own association and for the goals it pursues.

And yet, learning from each other, exchanging knowledge and experience is important to them too, as is the development of mutual solidarity across borders.
"Yes we can" if we act together.

Throughout Europe, the development of the study, preservation and opening up of industrial heritage relies on a broad layer of unselfishly interested parties. Volunteers. Men and women, old and young, who use their knowledge and experiences to give this heritage a place in society, in their environment.

For them, guaranteeing mutual contacts and information exchange is important.
Therefore, EFAITH wants to take up the task - for the volunteer world.
And to do so, also to make use of new media and techniques.

That is why we are now (for the time being?) switching to webinars where information can be exchanged without incurring travel and accommodation costs.

We also will organise webinars in 2023


E-FAITH weekend in Lyon, 2014

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