European Crane database and heritage campaign

EYCH2018 Save the harbour cranes !

For the general public, but also for a lot of heritage organizations, cranes are a much overlooked part of our industrial heritage and their knowledge of horizontal transport is much more than their knowledge of vertical transport. Steam locomotives and ships are already part of our common heritage, in contrast to our ancient wooden city cranes, steel Fairbairn cranes or shipyard and harbour cranes. Without these cranes there would have been no high-rising buildings, nor had the enormous development of ports been possible. Our daily life and the landscape, we live in, has dramatically changed due to cranes.

The aims of this campaign are :
  • Prepare a list and a database of involved organizations
  • An internet site and database have been set up at
  • To build a European network of individuals and associations interested in the history and heritage of cranes
  • To exchange information on historical cranes and best practices of restoration and conservation



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