EFAITH is a European platform where industrial heritage associations and volunteers meet.
EFAITH promotes border-crossing co-operation, exchange of information, ideas and experiences between non profit associations and volunteers to research, save and interpret the common European industrial heritage.

But there is 'Europe' and 'Europe', different structures, authorities. Where do they stand for ?

What is EFAITH doing and developing on a European level ?

  • In 2018 EFAITH was very active for and a member of the EU Stakeholders Committee of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. We set up a global and coherent programme to present the industrial heritage during the Year. Our ideas and plans, and those proposed by local associations and volunteers -> see in the Archive
  • EFAITH has been involved and partner in European granted projects
    -> see more under these tabs
  • EFAITH launched a number of campaigns to promote industrial heritage at European level and to promote cross-border cooperation
    -> see under 'Campaigns'




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