shake hands

What are the starting points ?

•    Two associations
    •    with a similar structure (for example two non profit volunteer associations),
    •    being of equal scale and strength (not one big and one small organisation),
    •    working in a comparable area (for example a town, a province, a region or a national association - no twinning between a local association and a national association, this doesn't work because of the difference of scale and scope),
    •    having similar aims
    •    and working on similar topics (for example two associations both trying to preserve a steam engine)

•    Two associations
    •    that have a mutual wish to enrich their association through international contacts and partnerships
    •    understanding each other’s culture and way of thinking and acting (this can take some time !)
    •    understanding each other's language or being able to use a common ‘neutral’ intermediate language


>> download the twinning guidelines


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