Factory Chimneys and collective memory

SAVE the chimneys

Old factory chimneys are landmarks advertising the industrial heritage site below. They are symbols for the labour which took place at their feet. They are part of the identity of a town, a village, a former industrial area.
They can be seen from a large distance, thus promoting local industrial heritage sites at night as well as during the day by the judicious use of lighting - and also when cleverly used promoting the locality itself

The steering group  "Cheminées d'usine - Factory Chimneys" , which was established during the 2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year, continues its activities - approaching the industrial heritage through the values and the landmarks of factory chimneys, and

  • develops a network of European partners prepared to invest sustainably in the (re)valuation of factory chimneys, as well locally as on a European level
  • to encentivise local projects and to incorporate these in a common European network
  • to contribute, through the topic of factory chimneys, to developing awareness and recognition by the public and institutions of 1) the central role of industry in the construction of European territories, 2) the importance of the saving and keeping, the protection and valuation of industrial heritage as a historic marker and witness of the dynamics of these territories.


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