E-FAITH is a European platform where industrial heritage associations and volunteers meet.

But there is 'Europe' and 'Europe', different structures, authorities. Where do they stand for ?

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What is E-FAITH doing and developing on a European level ?

  • We are now trying to set up a global and coherent programme to present the industrial heritage in 2018, when Europe will celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Our ideas and plans, and those proposed by local associations and volunteers, will be posted under the tab '2018 European Cultural Heritage Year'
  • E-FAITH has been involved in a European project on industrial heritage tourism for young people (EUmillennialsTOUR, ended) and is now involved in a EU co-financed project 'Genius Loci' to highlight and enhance the industrial heritage of SMEs. Moreover, E-FAITH is with a number of partners developing a European Industrial Heritage label, Industriana
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