The Chimneys of Ayvalık
Déjà vu with Chimneys



Ayvalık Center

Organised by
ICOMOS Turkey National Committee
YıldızTeknik Üniversitesi
Mimarlık Fakültesi, Restorasyon Anabilim Dalı
Oda No. 205 Yıldız,
Beşiktaş34349 İstanbul, TÜRKiYE

Ayvalık Municipality
Vehbibey Mah. Gazinolar Cad. No.1 Ayvalık, Balıkesir, TURKEY

Tüzmen, Yalın
T: 0090 5336198035


map of the chimneys and factories


chimney at Ayvalik poster





'Industrial Landscape of Ayvalık', accepted in the tentative list of UNESCO in 2017, is an outstanding industrial heritage place in the western edge of Anatolia. Chimneys are the most important element of the city having a big place in the collective memory as a symbol and a landmark of the main silhouette of Ayvalık.

Déjà vu is  the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. Accordingly,' ≠tbt: Déjà vu with Chimneys' is the activity which will be held in Ayvalık Center through making a trip to all present chimneys for drawing attention of public awareness of industrial heritage. The trip will start according to prepared route by taking photographs and documenting the chimneys by referring ≠tbt: Déjà vu with Chimneys hashtag on social media. It will finish with conversation sessions of the former-owner memoirs as a Déjà vu. It will take half a day for every May.

Main goals of this activity will be documenting the existing chimneys and drawing attention of public awareness for industrial landscape of Ayvalık.