The steam engine of the Amideria Chiozza in Ruda


  • open on march 18th from 10 AM to 3 PM

The Amideria Chiozza is located in a small hamlet to the West of Ruda, in the Via Luigi Pasteur

The address of the association however is

Associazione Amideria Chiozza
via Mosettig 2,  I-33052 Ruda (UD) - ITALIA

Contact person:
Ing. Raffaele Antonio  Caltabiano, president
+ 39 3313314783


steam engine Amideria Chiozza steam engine Amideria Chiozza
steam boiler Amideria Chiozza steam engine Amideria Chiozza


In February 2014 a voluntary association (139 members) was founded  to save the industrial heritage of Amideria Chiozza in Ruda (Udine) and to open it to the public
Amideria Chiozza was a starch factory founded  in 1865 by Luigi Chiozza . The factory was enlarged in 1902 and equipped with the then most advanced machinery, coming from different countries of the Austrian  Hungarian Empire. At at that time the area was part of the Austrian Hungarian Empire.
At the time it employed more than 120 peoples , a majority of women. In1986 the company went bankrupt.

The factory was powered by a steam engine, produced by Ernst Brunn from Brno in 1902.  In 2018 the restauration of the steam engine will start. The starch factory will also be opened to the public, and also a small museum where have been collected a lot of interesting pieces,  original products and the archive of the factory covering the period from 1927 to 1976.