Caithness Industrial Archaeology Conference



22-06-2018 till 27-06-2018
Wick, Caithness, Scotland
Conference looking at the influence of Thomas Telford's water supply for the biggest new town created by the British Fisheries Society

Organised by the Scottish Industrial Heritage Society,
c/o Robert Rollo, 23 Lady Jane Gate, Bothwell, Glasgow G71 8BW, UK

Mark Watson, T: (0044) 131. 668 8748


Wick Pulteney Distillery Telford Trail


By the town of Wick, lies one of Telford’s most remarkable creations. Pulteneytown – named after an early patron of Telford’s – is a planned, industrial fishing port which he designed to improve the size of the herring catch. Telford was an architect as well as an engineer and you can see the care he took in his work to give people good housing and working conditions. There is a garden and curved crescents modelled, it was said, on the town of Bath in England and intended to shelter people from cold winter winds. Today much of it is intact.

Thomas Telford's water supply paved the way for the biggest new town created by the British Fisheries Society. The conference will look at that heritage.

The lectures on Saturday 23 June will also celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. One will visit that day municipal infrastructures including Thomas Telford’s water course that enabled Pulteneytown to develop in the interesting plan form shown in the Telford Trail.  For more modern infrastructure we will see the 1953 power station on Orkney the following day, which is well-preserved because it is on standby in case wind power fails