The official founding of E-FAITH (after two preparatory meetings in Barcelona) took place during a general meeting in Poperinge and Harelbeke on November 13-14th, 1999.
The statutes were unanimously adopted at Harelbeke on November 14th and registred at the Registration Office at Kortrijk.

"The Federation is a non-profit making organisation whose objectives are to promote the research in and study,
recording, conservation, development and management, and interpretation of Industrial and Technical Heritage and
to facilitate co-operation in Europe between those engaged in these activities. The scope of the Federation's activities
will embrace the European's countries.
2.1) To promote co-operation between between affiliated associations through:
- the exchange of information
- the promotion of co-operation between affiliated associations, involved in areas of common interest
- helping the development of projects between affiliated associations
- the advancement of Industrial and Technical Heritage's studies
- the organisation of events whose purpose is to raise awareness about European dimensions of Industrial and
Technical Heritage
2.2) To ensure that all levels of European institutions and their governing bodies attach the same importance to
Industrial and Technical Heritage as to others aspects of European cultural life.
2.3) To co-operate with other organisations involved in heritage protection
2.4) To promote institutional events at European level, that contribute to the improvement of the image of Industrial
and Technical Heritage or the enhancement of these objectives.
2.5) To stimulate associations across Europe
2.6) To support existing associations by ensuring that their problems and concerns are brought to the attention of
various European institutions
2.7) To do all such other things as will further the above objectives or any of them"

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