Volunteers always have been greasing the wheels of the care and conservation of industrial heritage.
Without them we should have lost many sites, buildings and collections that now are considered to be of high value, but weren't appreciated so many years ago.

But volunteering today is different from 40 years ago.
Managing a site demands today other kind of dedication and professionalism - times have changed.

How kan we transfer the experiences from the 'old' volunteers to the 'new ones' ?
What kind of training and knowledge do volunteers need today ?
What can volunteers learn from colleagues in other countries ?
What is specific when managing industrial heritage ?

E-FAITH will try and launch training projects and projects exchanging knowledge between volunteers, for example on

  • interpreting the industrial heritage
  • running and managing industrial heritage projects
  • adaptive re-use and restoration of industrial buildings
  • etc...

Tell us your needs and expectations, your ideas about this topic

Already planned a meeting of mining heritage associations, a workshop/training on cross-border interpretation of industrial heritage,...
More ideas and proposals welcomed !
YOUR proposals !


And send us examples of good practices !


volunteers are indispensable

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